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2017 Ameripolitan Nominations

Hi Friends! 

Nominations are open for the 2017 Ameripolitan Awards now through Oct. 31. I would be honored if you would consider voting for me and also for 50 Shades Of Hay! You can only vote once – and that's by emailing info@ameripolitan.com. Thank you for your support! We approve this message. :)

Wendy and 50 Shades Of Hay

 Step 1: send an email to info@ameripolitan.com with this in the subject line: 2017 Ameripolitan Awards

 Step 2: Copy and paste this into the body and send:

 Western Swing Group – 50 Shades Of Hay

 Western Swing Female – Wendy Newcomer

 Honky Tonk Group – 50 Shades Of Hay

 Honky Tonk Female – Wendy Newcomer

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Hi Friends,

Tonight's 50 Shades of Hay gig at McNamara's has been canceled because of the weather. If you don't have to travel on these icy Nashville roads, stay at home and be safe! We hope to play McNamara's in April. I'll post the exact date ...

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As you can see, some sections are still under construction. There's more to come, so please check back often for updates!

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